The Japan Egg Science Society

The Japan Egg Science Society (JESS)

The Japan Egg Science Society (JSSS) extensively provides researchers,
industries and consumers worldwide, from various standpoints, the essence of egg science.

The scientific community has accepted the fact eggs are one of the healthiest foods. An egg is an excellent source of nutrients including protein, vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants.

Unfortunately, consumers from all over the world wrongly identify the egg as unhealthy because it contains a relatively high amount of cholesterol and always hesitate or even avoid consuming eggs or egg yolk. Scientific evidence has not reduced these health concerns of consumers and cholesterol-phobia continues.

 In the U. S., where the mortality from coronary heart disease is the world’s highest, the American Egg Board (AEB) and the Egg Nutrition Center (ENC) have been keenly working not only for scientific research but education and promotion of egg, and have achieved splendid outcomes. Unfortunately in Japan, there has been no such organization(s) leading the charge for the egg science until our society was established.

 The Japan Egg Science Society was established on the 7th of February in 2013, in response to demands from egg promoters in Japan. A “neutral” organization based on egg science is a cornerstone of the society.

 JESS’s mission is to help egg researchers throughout the world in communication and exchanging the latest information with each other, to help egg industries heading interested in expanding egg consumption, and to assist consumers be informed new and correct information targeting their well-being.

 JESS holds an annual symposium (The Egg Science Symposium), publishes brochures on egg and health, creates handouts to research activities, and generates information through the web.

 The Egg Science Symposium is an event where the front-runners in the various fields on egg science, including nutrition & health aspects, functional properties, safety, economics, and cooking, gathering from around the world to exchange information and ideas.

JESS is here for eggs and for all the people in the world. Our door is always open to people living in this exciting egg world.

Michihiro Sugano, Ph. D.

Chair of Board Directors


The Board Directors

Michihiro Sugano, Ph.D,
Professor Emeritus, Kyushu University and Prefectural University of Kumamoto

Kenji Watanabe, Ph D,
Professor Emeritus, Gifu University & Former Professor, Tokyo Agriculture University

Keiko Abe, Ph D,
Professor Emeritus, The University of Tokyo

Hirokazu Tsubone, Ph D,
Project Professor, The University of Tokyo

Machiko Mineki, Ph D,
Professor, Tokyo Kasei University

Yoshinori Hamachiyo
Director, Senior Corporate Officer

Yoshiaki Wada, Ph.D,
Guest Professor, Shanghai Ocean University


The Egg Science Symposium

●The 1st Egg Science Symposium
  Date: 2013, May 20th
  Place: Nakashima-Toichiro-Kinen Hall, The University of Tokyo
  For more information, please click here [PDF]

●The 2nd Egg Science Symposium
  Date: 2014, June 13th
  Place:Yayoi-Kodo Ichijo-Hall, The University of Tokyo
  For more information, please click here [PDF]

●The 3rd Egg Science Symposium
  Date: 2015, June 12th
  Place:Yayoi-Kodo Ichijo-Hall, The University of Tokyo
  For more information, please click here [PDF]


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